popavent 101: hosting a panel

Panel discussions are extremely valuable at corporate events and if curated properly can be an invaluable asset to make your event a huge success. We love panels because they give attendees specific reasons to attend your event, take the pressure off a single keynote presenter and allow you to educate attendees with a well-rounded discussion which ultimately builds trust and ultimately pipeline for your company.  Read on to learn popavent's top 4 pieces of advice for your next corporate event. 

popavent 101: hosting a panel

1. Name tags

Magnetic ones are great - collect at end to recycle for next event 

Circle labels - great for tech startup spin on the classic name tags; print your logo on extras so any last minute registrants can write their name in

- consider adding a small colored dot to differentiate between attendees/facilitate conversation

popavent follow-up email

2. Follow-up email

- Have this completed before the event to ensure timely follow-up 

- Have someone bring a camera - people love pictures of themselves + great content to use on LinkedIn/social after event (PrettyInstant offers great branding opportunities/easy photo sharing) 

popavent chicago panel

3. Panel

- Have a great facilitator to set the stage, recognize sponsors + share agenda for program

- Ensure all panelists feel comfortable with mic

- Share all contact details if speakers OK with guests reaching out directly after the event 

popavent new york launch

4. Event Logistics

- Send email day before to reiterate parking, event agenda 

- Give people insight into when they should arrive/earliest to sneak out early 


4:30pm Networking Reception 
5:15pm Panel Begins 
6:00pm Q&A 
6:15pm Passed Apps + Reception 
7:00pm Doors close 

DLH Educational Luncheon: Viva Mexico!

What an inspiring presentation on Mexico at Towne hosted by Velas Resorts, Maritur DMC and Destinations Link Hospitality! Velas Resorts and Maritur DMC took a room full of Boston’s top corporate event planners on a trip through Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta – presenting everything these magnificent destinations had to offer.

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta.  Often designated as a top 3 destination by TripAdvisor, Puerto Vallarta is rich in history, but is also known for its pristine beaches, exhilarating water sports and lively nightlife scene.

The Grand Velas Riveria Nayairt is a stunning, all-inclusive Five Diamond resort in Puerto Vallarta. This resort sits on Banderas Bay, only 15 minutes from the airport and offers a luxury experience for groups beyond what one would normally expect.  With over 250 suites, both indoor and outdoor meeting venues, elegant dinner areas, a holistic spa, 24-hour gourmet suite service and award-wining dining, meetings will take on a whole new meaning at this ultra-luxe resort.

Los Cabos

Next stop, Los Cabos! Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula and is a well-known destination for A-list travelers in need of a sunny getaway. Stunning beaches, the serene waters of the Sea of Cortez, world class sport fishing and championship golf courses are just a few of the exciting things that Los Cabos has to offer.

The Grand Velas Los Cabos, opened its doors in 2016 and offers over 300 stunning waterfront suites – all with private terraces which are perfect for your next high-end incentive or strategy meeting.  Los Cabos is often coined as “one of the world’s most romantic destinations”.  The Grand Velas captures Mexico’s beauty while providing high-end service to corporate groups.  Meeting spaces include a spectacular ocean front terrace, which can accommodate up to 600 guests. This resort also offers 5 signature restaurants and 3 infinity pools.


Maritur Destination Management Company (“Maitur DMC”) provides professional corporate solutions for incentive travel and business or corporate group meetings.  They are proud to have received Mexico’s Best DMC in both 2015 and 2017.  Maritur DMC offers unparalleled experience for groups travelling to Mexico wanting to explore the spectacular landscape, exciting adventures and historical sights of Mexico. ATV excursions, sunset cruises, horseback riding and sport fishing charters are just a few of the exciting undertakings Maritur DMC can arrange for your group. Maritur DMC also offers independently owned transportation with Wi-Fi for your corporate guests who need to be connected at all times.

If your clients are considering Mexico, look no further than the Velas Resorts and Maritur DMC. Contact popavent and we will connect you for a site tour! Big thanks to Denise Hunter from Destinations Link Hospitality for hosting - we can always count on your expert team to help us host the best programs for large corporate clients. 

get the most out of your sleep - Inspired by Jennifer Hanway at Popavents' Summer Party

Take the scenic route after work

Image Source:  Boston Magazine

Image Source: Boston Magazine

Boston has so many gardens and beautiful buildings. Silence your phone for 20 minutes and enjoy the greenery, fresh air and all of the interesting people around you!

Have a cup of tea

Image Source:  World Tea Company

Image Source: World Tea Company

After drinking coffee all day, treat your body to a warm cup of tea. Yogi tea has so many flavors- try cinnamon vanilla or bedtime tea!

Listen to music

Image Source:  Urban Outfitters

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

We all know that a great song can instantly change our mood. Spotify premium is  currently offering 3 months for $0.99. Give it a try and follow popavent’s new account while you’re at it :)


Invest in an alarm clock

Treat yourself to an alarm clock that wakes you up with light technology. It’s a much better way to start your morning without the awful beeping noise. It also prevents you from scrolling through your phone the moment you wake up... maybe you'll find that you somehow gain 15 extra minutes every morning! 



There is something very calming about lighting a candle. Find a candle with a soft, relaxing scent that will also add warm lighting in your room.


Use calming essential oils

Find a scent that makes you feel at peace and relaxed. Your body will soon associate this smell with sleep preventing you from  Lavender is always a favorite!

popavent Summer Party Recap


On Tuesday, June 13th, we hosted our planner-only popavent Summer Party at Ostra, located in Boston's Theater District. 

Planners from top firms, local colleges and the latest startups were greeted with a tray full of colorful summer cocktails from the exceptional Ostra staff. The beautiful private dining room was equipped with AV, serving stations, hightops and a built-in private bar.

All planners raved about the perfectly shaken specialty drinks featuring Moet Hennessey, Don Julio Tequila, Ketel One Vodka and Smoke Tree wines. Throughout the presentation we enjoyed Ostra's fish-focused Mediterranean fare including oysters, crab cakes, and shrimp.

As you made you way around the room, planners were intently sharing details on the latest incentive trip hot spots -- Northern Mexico may be the next Napa Valley, -- the tech conferences to consider attending or asking for advice on to handle a difficult language barrier at the hotel. It was the perfect setting to meet other planners, laugh over shared pain points and build our list of New England summer getaways.

Local wellness celeb Jennifer Hanway captivated the room as planners eagerly listened the secrets to, "24 Hours to Less Stress + Better Sleep." Sharing some not so obvious stress causes and simple ways to wind down after a hectic work day, Henway powered through helpful information with small actions each planner can apply to their overcrowded calendars and frequent travel schedules.

As the night came to an end, a final round of drinks and apps was served, business cards exchanged, and professional connections made.  The first popavent Summer Party was a success, and a great indication of the seasonal parties to come!  

Be a Tourist for a Day

How many times have you passed by a landmark in Boston, only slightly aware of the full history behind it?  Have you ever been on a Duck Tour as an adult?  Even though we live and work in the city, we often over look the main attractions of Boston.  Don’t be embarrassed to be a tourist in your own town; check out some of these tourist attractions on a work break!


2.     New England Aquarium

Instead of passing by the outdoor tanks and sneaking a peak at the seals, stop inside the New England Aquarium and get your share of sea creatures.  With a new shark exhibit, you can conquer your childhood (and maybe even adult fear) and meet the sharks face-to-face.  You may not have been to an aquarium since you were a kid, but who doesn’t love those 100 year old sea turtles cuddly penguins?


1.     Boston Duck Tours

Travel by land and water on an iconic duck tour around Boston.  Catch your boat-car in front of the Museum of Science, grab a duckbill whistle, and embark on one of the famously named vehicles.  You may think you know everything you need to know about Boston, but these tour guides are sure to have some surprising fun facts up their sleeves!

3.     Trillium Greenway

Don’t want to relive your childhood memories?  No worries; the Trillium Greenway is a new beer garden, sure to be an up and coming tourist site.  Located in the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Trillium Brewing Company presents the Trillium Beer Garden.  Hot days spent on the Greenway with cold beers and friends embody the essence of a Boston summer.


4.     Freedom Trail

Get your history lesson and exercise in for the day on the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail.  Walk on your own, or as part of a guided tour, and finally see what all those red lines painted on the Boston sidewalks lead up to.  Explore Boston Common, pay tribute at the Boston Massacre site, and discover Paul Revere’s house- all only a short walk from your office.