15 Summer Party Favors your Guests will Actually Use

Image Source:  Camille Styles

Image Source: Camille Styles


Barre or spin class

Help your guests get ready for the beach with a complimentary fitness class.



Image Source: The Beach People



A necessity if you’re hosting outdoors during the day. We recommend SunBum’s original sunscreen or lip balm.

Image Source:  Delish

Image Source: Delish


Bandannas are definitely “in” this summer. Remind everyone of their childhood camp experiences, and provide them in your company colors!

Image Source: Tripadvisor

Image Source: Tripadvisor


Always a summer staple, add them to your gift bag in case anyone forgot! For a high end option go for Bureo’s classic shades made out of recycled fishing nets (available for men and women).

Image Source: London Harness

Image Source: London Harness


Bottle opener key chain

Help your attendees avoid being stuck at the beach with beer and no opener! Trust me, they’ll thank you.

Image Source:  FleetPlummer

Image Source: FleetPlummer


Bring out the inner kid in everyone by passing out sparklers as the sun goes down!

Image Source:  Fun To Eat Fruit

Image Source: Fun To Eat Fruit


Wine glass markers

Make sure that everyone’s able to find their own glass with these fun wine glass markers from Crate&Barrel.


Image Source: Litter Veniton


Mini succulent or cactus

Not only are these spiky plants adorable gifts, but they’re extremely low maintenance too!



Image Source:  Boston Magazine

Image Source: Boston Magazine


Light blanket, tapestry or towel

Perfect for parties that go into the night - keep everyone cozy as the sun goes down!




Image Source:  Gemfound

Image Source: Gemfound


Mini champagne

For a little hair of the dog the next morning.. 


Image Source:  AliExpress

Image Source: AliExpress



Canoe/kayaking pass

Encourage your guests to enjoy their summer beyond your event. Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon on the Charles River

Image Source:  Bureo

Image Source: Bureo


Monogrammed luggage tag

A London Harness monogramed luggage tag is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to travel during the summer.

Image source:  GearMoose

Image source: GearMoose


Beach bag/tote

Store any favors in a cute, lightweight beach tote. Guests will love having it on hand for the beach and shopping.

Image Source:  Becoming Aussie

Image Source: Becoming Aussie

Fruit snack with company logo

A healthy alternative to candy - Fun To Eat Fruit will even print your company logo on a fruit of your choice!


Image Source:  Crate & Barrel

Image Source: Crate & Barrel

Water bottle

Number one rule of summer is to stay hydrated!!! Help everyone out by providing some chic glass bottles by bkr.

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