popavent Summer Party Recap


On Tuesday, June 13th, we hosted our planner-only popavent Summer Party at Ostra, located in Boston's Theater District. 

Planners from top firms, local colleges and the latest startups were greeted with a tray full of colorful summer cocktails from the exceptional Ostra staff. The beautiful private dining room was equipped with AV, serving stations, hightops and a built-in private bar.

All planners raved about the perfectly shaken specialty drinks featuring Moet Hennessey, Don Julio Tequila, Ketel One Vodka and Smoke Tree wines. Throughout the presentation we enjoyed Ostra's fish-focused Mediterranean fare including oysters, crab cakes, and shrimp.

As you made you way around the room, planners were intently sharing details on the latest incentive trip hot spots -- Northern Mexico may be the next Napa Valley, -- the tech conferences to consider attending or asking for advice on to handle a difficult language barrier at the hotel. It was the perfect setting to meet other planners, laugh over shared pain points and build our list of New England summer getaways.

Local wellness celeb Jennifer Hanway captivated the room as planners eagerly listened the secrets to, "24 Hours to Less Stress + Better Sleep." Sharing some not so obvious stress causes and simple ways to wind down after a hectic work day, Henway powered through helpful information with small actions each planner can apply to their overcrowded calendars and frequent travel schedules.

As the night came to an end, a final round of drinks and apps was served, business cards exchanged, and professional connections made.  The first popavent Summer Party was a success, and a great indication of the seasonal parties to come!