popavent 101: hosting a panel

Panel discussions are extremely valuable at corporate events and if curated properly can be an invaluable asset to make your event a huge success. We love panels because they give attendees specific reasons to attend your event, take the pressure off a single keynote presenter and allow you to educate attendees with a well-rounded discussion which ultimately builds trust and ultimately pipeline for your company.  Read on to learn popavent's top 4 pieces of advice for your next corporate event. 

popavent 101: hosting a panel

1. Name tags

Magnetic ones are great - collect at end to recycle for next event 

Circle labels - great for tech startup spin on the classic name tags; print your logo on extras so any last minute registrants can write their name in

- consider adding a small colored dot to differentiate between attendees/facilitate conversation

popavent follow-up email

2. Follow-up email

- Have this completed before the event to ensure timely follow-up 

- Have someone bring a camera - people love pictures of themselves + great content to use on LinkedIn/social after event (PrettyInstant offers great branding opportunities/easy photo sharing) 

popavent chicago panel

3. Panel

- Have a great facilitator to set the stage, recognize sponsors + share agenda for program

- Ensure all panelists feel comfortable with mic

- Share all contact details if speakers OK with guests reaching out directly after the event 

popavent new york launch

4. Event Logistics

- Send email day before to reiterate parking, event agenda 

- Give people insight into when they should arrive/earliest to sneak out early 


4:30pm Networking Reception 
5:15pm Panel Begins 
6:00pm Q&A 
6:15pm Passed Apps + Reception 
7:00pm Doors close