Boston Events Your Company Should Attend or Sponsor

Ditch the boring office party and get creative with team bonding experiences.  Check out our running list of 5 upcoming events around Boston that your entire office can enjoy!

Save the Date! Sunday, September 10th

Save the Date! Sunday, September 10th


CREATE “is a celebration of art, food, drink, and music in Boston,” successfully shedding light onto the “underground” artistic community in the city.  Founded in 2012 by Chef Louis DiBiccari of Tavern Road, CREATE hosts live music, unique foods, drinks, and art pieces for a three hour event and one amazing after party.  For more details on CREATE, as well as ticket and sponsorship information, checkout the website here.


Glow in the Park

Hosted by the Greenway Conservancy, Glow in the Park shares similar vibes with CREATE.  Enjoy live music, an array of food trucks, and some tasty drinks during a warm summer night with some coworkers.  Filled with lawn games and plenty of other entertainment, Glow in the Park is back for its 3rd year and surely is an event your company will not want to miss.  Not to mention, the proceeds are donated to the non-profit Greenway Conservancy.  For more information including discounted ticket prices, click here.


Boston Children’s Hospital Kidding Around

Cleanse yourself of the corporate life stress and enjoy being a kid again- with an adult twist that is.  This 21+ event features video games, old school arcade and board games, childhood foods you’re probably too embarrassed to admit you still love, and some candy flavored cocktails!  Help kids by being a kid; all proceeds are donated to Boston Children’s Hospital.  For ticket and sponsorship information, visit the Kidding Around website.


J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Want to stretch further out of the traditional food and drink gathering?  Try out the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.  You and your coworkers can break off into teams of 4 and embark on 3.5 mile running events.  While teams are limited to 4 people, registering more than one team per office creates some friendly competition that will help bond fellow employees!  Plus, the Challenge donates to a not-for-profit organization in the host city.  For dates, times, and registration info, visit the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge website here.


Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup

Stay active and contribute to yet another good cause with Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup.  Rather than running, this Corporate Cup offers something everyone can enjoy.  Teams participate in basketball knockout, plank challenges, obstacle courses, corn toss, and much more.  Register up to two teams per office, each with up to 20 employees, and get your friendly competition on against some of the top companies in Boston.  Hosted at Harvard University, the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup embarks on its second year of networking, team building, and fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital.  For more information, click here.

15 Summer Party Favors your Guests will Actually Use

Image Source:  Camille Styles

Image Source: Camille Styles


Barre or spin class

Help your guests get ready for the beach with a complimentary fitness class.



Image Source: The Beach People



A necessity if you’re hosting outdoors during the day. We recommend SunBum’s original sunscreen or lip balm.

Image Source:  Delish

Image Source: Delish


Bandannas are definitely “in” this summer. Remind everyone of their childhood camp experiences, and provide them in your company colors!

Image Source: Tripadvisor

Image Source: Tripadvisor


Always a summer staple, add them to your gift bag in case anyone forgot! For a high end option go for Bureo’s classic shades made out of recycled fishing nets (available for men and women).

Image Source: London Harness

Image Source: London Harness


Bottle opener key chain

Help your attendees avoid being stuck at the beach with beer and no opener! Trust me, they’ll thank you.

Image Source:  FleetPlummer

Image Source: FleetPlummer


Bring out the inner kid in everyone by passing out sparklers as the sun goes down!

Image Source:  Fun To Eat Fruit

Image Source: Fun To Eat Fruit


Wine glass markers

Make sure that everyone’s able to find their own glass with these fun wine glass markers from Crate&Barrel.


Image Source: Litter Veniton


Mini succulent or cactus

Not only are these spiky plants adorable gifts, but they’re extremely low maintenance too!



Image Source:  Boston Magazine

Image Source: Boston Magazine


Light blanket, tapestry or towel

Perfect for parties that go into the night - keep everyone cozy as the sun goes down!




Image Source:  Gemfound

Image Source: Gemfound


Mini champagne

For a little hair of the dog the next morning.. 


Image Source:  AliExpress

Image Source: AliExpress



Canoe/kayaking pass

Encourage your guests to enjoy their summer beyond your event. Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon on the Charles River

Image Source:  Bureo

Image Source: Bureo


Monogrammed luggage tag

A London Harness monogramed luggage tag is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to travel during the summer.

Image source:  GearMoose

Image source: GearMoose


Beach bag/tote

Store any favors in a cute, lightweight beach tote. Guests will love having it on hand for the beach and shopping.

Image Source:  Becoming Aussie

Image Source: Becoming Aussie

Fruit snack with company logo

A healthy alternative to candy - Fun To Eat Fruit will even print your company logo on a fruit of your choice!


Image Source:  Crate & Barrel

Image Source: Crate & Barrel

Water bottle

Number one rule of summer is to stay hydrated!!! Help everyone out by providing some chic glass bottles by bkr.